Community looks to enrich the lives of youth in Salisbury

Community looks to enrich the lives...

SALISBURY, Md. - Keeping the streets safe for kids, that was the focus for city leaders in Salisbury Tuesday night.

47 ABC was there for the Choices Academy Open House and Community Forum.

It was there that residents got a chance to not only see the new location of Choices Academy, but also to share input around the neighborhood of what they want to see in the new community center that will soon be a part of it.

Choices, a program for students who need an alternative to a regular school setting, also provides after-school programs and is set in a neighborhood Mayor Day says has a high concentration of juvenile arrests, rentals, and limited access to resources.

"Our focus is on early intervention, so starting at a pretty young age with kids focused on after school, it's focused on values. Teaching kids about life and more than just homework help but homework help too," says Mayor Jake Day.

The joint facility would provide resources for all hours of the day.

The community suggestions included a gymnasium, providing dinners, homework help, even mentorship.



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