Community leaders march for a cause during 4th of July

Community leaders march for a cause...

SALISBURY, Md. - Some folks likely enjoyed or will enjoy a barbecue, fireworks, or a trip to the beach during the 4th of July.

However, others braved the heat and marched for a cause in Salisbury.

"Taking a stand is our form of showing  patriotism, it's our form of speaking and being a citizen of this country , saying we love this country, we love it so much , that we are going to show you when you're wrong," says Amber Green, the Executive Director at Fenix Youth Project.

James Yamakawa, from SURJ Delmarva says, "America is a great place, it really is. But we can accept the fact that America  is a wonderful place to live but also a flawed place to live, those two can exist together."

Local leaders are referring to recent suspected hate crimes as well as incidents that have placed law enforcement in the spotlight.

"Just weeks ago we've seen a man get murdered on video and his murdered got set fee. We've seen a Muslim young girl being murdered, and people classify that as road rage. You have to speak, you have to unite, because there is pain in this community, there is pain in this country," says Green.

Through this march, leaders are looking to bring awareness to issues affecting different communities living in this country.

"It's not just about one race, it's all races.We're patriots, we're citizens here, and we love this country, but at the same time we are going to get this country to love us back," says Green.

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