Community helps track down boutique thief

Community helps track down boutique thief

BERLIN, Md. - Thanks to one Facebook post and a lot of local support, community members were able to get a thief robbing local shops off the streets.

Over the weekend, Back East Boutique noticed a bracelet missing after the charity event. After sifting through security footage they found the thief and then got on Facebook to warn other shop owners in the area to be on the lookout.

Soon after, another local shop spotted the woman seen in the footage and called the police. The Back East Boutique says this is just another reminder of how our community comes together.

Back East owner, Nicole Champlain says, “It was a moment of us all coming together helping each other and it felt really nice that we're all owners, we all care about each other, and we all want the best for our businesses,” Coralee Patterson adds, “Yeah that was the best part I think...knowing that we had that support and that we all together working as a team were able to break her down.”

The thief did steal from four other shops in the area before being apprehended, but Back East says they are happy they were able to take matters into their own hands and help police catch her before she did it again.

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