Co-working space comes to downtown Salisbury

Co-working space comes to downtown SBY

SALISBURY, Md. - In downtown Salisbury, a new office space is trying out something a little non-traditional. 

Synergy 208 is a shared office space right on Main Street and it is designed to be a work place that could fit many molds. 

From conference rooms to shared desks even private office spaces, Synergy 208 will provide a place for entrepreneurs to take the next step in their business. 

But it's not just new businesses they're trying to attract. They're trying to entice people hoping to downsize but also utilize the unique space. 

47 ABC has learned that all tenants would have to do is bring their computer and files. 

Andy Ball, a property manager for SVN-Miller Commercial Real Estate says, "I think it gives people an opportunity to work in a very contemporary and collaborative environment, just the opportunity to network with other professionals. When were at full occupancy the vision we have is people working together but in different departments and companies." 

The cost to rent a space out ranges from $250 to $750. 

If you are interested in checking it out, there will be a tour next Tuesday at 7:30 a.m. at Synergy 208. 

That address is 208 Main Street, Salisbury, MD. 


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