Civic and Law Academy teaching real life experiences at James M. Bennett High in Salisbury

Civic and Law Academy teaching real life experiences at James M. Bennett

SALISBURY, Md. - One high school in Wicomico County is stepping up their game when it comes to teaching their government class. 

Tenth graders at James M. Bennett High in Salisbury are dropping the books and picking up real life experiences. 

Wicomico County's Bar Association creating this Civic and Law Academy for students. 

Phillip Portier, a teacher at JMB says, "We partnered to do a program for students to get real experience, not just in the classroom but with local area lawyers, judges, to kind of pull together the law, their rights, responsibilities, and continue their education with government."

It's a way for students to interact with these professionals, who practice the law day in and day out. 

This partnership raising the bar by covering multiple topics. Five total including law and justice, free speech, law in the cyber age, rights and responsibilities, power and empowerment.

One that sticks out, law in a cyber age, a new type of law that's relevant to these young adults. 

Students choosing which two to participate in. 

This academy is more than just another day in class. It's helping students understand the law. For others, this is a push for them to make a change. 

This is their third year doing this academy. They have increased the number of sessions every year. And they will continue to add on more as the law changes and those topics evolve. 

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