City of Salisbury announces proposed budget for 2018

City of Salisbury announces proposed...

SALISBURY, Md. - Wednesday morning,  the City of Salisbury has proposed their budget  for fiscal year of 2018.

Mayor Jake Day unveiled his plans, touching on continuing efforts to develop Main Street, promoting economic development, and proposing plans for Salisbury' first ever tax cuts.

"It will be 6.7 percent reduction in taxes on homeowners in Salisbury, and an 11 percent reduction in taxes on businesses in Salisbury," says Mayor Jake Day.

Also on the proposed budget  is plans on redeveloping the city's west side.Mayor Jake Day tells us parts of the area have been an eyesore the past years.

He tells us his plans will respond to both rising flood levels and the need to beautify the west side.

"The westside of the north prong has been undeveloped for a long time. We are actually rebuilding our city service center as well as waterfront pieces of that will actually become pieces of parkland as well," says Mayor Day.

The first reading of the proposed budget will be Monday, April 24th at 6 PM at the city council chambers.

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