City of Cambridge Facade Improvement Program looking for qualifying projects to revitalize

City of Cambridge Facade Improvement...

CAMBRIDGE, Md. - In Cambridge, the city is taking a unique approach with it's revitalization efforts by helping property owners improve the appearance of their buildings. 

The Cambridge Facade Improvement Program helps owners but also increases the property values for the area. 

The program is run by the city's Economic and Community Development. 

Once the project is finished, the city will reimburse 50% of the total cost.   

It's first come first serve, as the city only has $50,000 allocated to the project. We're told they hope to help as many buildings as possible. 

Assistant Director of Economic & Community Development, Brandon Hesson, tells 47 ABC, "A revitalization effort has to be multi-tier and diverse you need public investment and private investment. I think the Facade Improvement Program is important because it asks, it incentivizes private spending."

We're told the city will review each entry to make sure it meets the qualifications.

In order to apply, click here

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