Church's annual Trunk or Treat event attracts thousands

Church's annual Trunk or Treat event...

SALISBURY, Md. - Emmanuel Wesleyan Church in Salisbury held another successful Trunk or Treat event Monday night.

Thousands made it out to the Halloween event to stock up on some delicious candy as well as get to know their first responders.

The Emmanuel Wesleyan Church says they want to be a church for the city, not just in the city. That's why they created this event. They said they wanted to provide families with a safe trick or treating alternative as well as bring the Salisbury community together, and they feel they achieved those goals Monday night.

Mark Bunting, the lead Pastor at the Emmanuel Wesleyan Church said, "Every year it just continues to grow and double in size and so we love providing this for the community for something they can do for Halloween as a family event."

Event organizers said they believe about 6,000 to 7,000 people made it out to Monday night's event, which is the highest number they've ever seen.

They said they're looking forward to continuing this annual event in the years to come.

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