Chesapeake Multicultural Resource Center offers services as DACA renewal process reopens

Chesapeake Multicultural Resource...

EASTON, Md. - The renewal process for DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program, has now reopened and with it local help is available. 

Chesapeake Resource Multicultural Center in Easton is offering free services helping recipients reapply for their DACA.

We're told you have up to 5 months before the card expires to reapply. Renewing your DACA extends your stay for 2 more years.

Matthew Peters, the Director of Chesapeake Multicultural Resource Center says, "You can't apply for the first time it has to be a renewal and you've been through this before. You just got to bring your most current identification cards, unfortunately if you have any run in with the law that's going to ban you from apply again."

The fee re-applying isn't cheap, the total tab comes to $495. 

The multicultural center says after you apply they will help you monitor the statue of your application.

Just last week, a San Francisco federal judge blocked the Trump administration's decision on the DACA, allowing for people to re-apply. 

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