Chesapeake Bay watershed states calling for federal support

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - (AP) - Leaders of states in the Chesapeake Bay watershed have signed a resolution calling for continued federal support of the nation's largest estuary.

The Chesapeake Executive Council signed the resolution Thursday. The council also elected Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan as its new chairman.

Hogan, a Republican, says he will remain committed to protecting the bay.

The council's resolution comes after President Donald Trump this year eliminated funding for the Chesapeake Bay Program in his initial budget proposal. Congress restored the $73 million, but the president's initial proposal has worried bay supporters.

Some Maryland Democrats criticized Hogan before the council's meeting for not being more outspoken against Trump's environmental proposals from the start.

But a spokeswoman for Hogan says he's been leading on environmental issues since his first day in office.

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