Caroline Co. welcomes American hero

Caroline County welcomes American hero

MARYDEL, Md. - Tuesday, neighbors in Caroline County gathered to welcome a new member into their community, Corporal Clark Cavalier.

Back in 2011, Cpl. Cavalier was fighting in Afghanistan when he stepped on an IED and lost two of his limbs.

"I saw Clark for his recovery when he was in Walter Reed in Bethesda. I saw his struggles first hand. It's incredible to see where he was years ago and where he is today," says Frank Siller, the CEO of the Tunnels To Towers Foundation.

Cpl. Cavalier's story caught the eye of Tunnel To Towers. The organization gives back to those who have sacrificed their life for this country. One way they do that is by building custom homes for wounded heroes.

"These guys are the most independent people in the world. They don't want to ask somebody for things, they want to do it themselves," says Siller,

Tuesday afternoon, Cpl. Cavalier walked into his completed home.

"It's amazing ,it's awesome, this is beautiful. It all hasn't sunk in yet," says Cpl. Cavalier.

However this is not any ordinary home. It’s a smart home. The home is built to meet his individual challenges and work hand in hand with technology to make his life a little easier.

"He can maneuver the front door through a push button or an iPad where he can enter or exit his house.  The kitchen is the same way where he can pull in a wheelchair and cook something for himself. The counters are the same way," says Siller.

"This is way more than I can ask for.  I'm probably just going to kick everyone out and just sit here and look at it all and take it in more," says Cpl. Cavalier.

"It's unbelievable to see the sacrifice that Clark made for his country. He's earned this. This is what America owes him," says Siller.

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