Captains dock against the clock at Wicomico Yacht Club

Captains dock against the clock at...

EDEN, Md. -
It's a race against time. One that requires no room for error in order to beat the clock for the best time

It's called boat docking and Sunday afternoon at the Wicomico Yacht Club, 13 captains from the Chesapeake Cowboys put their docking skills to the test.
"It's a great event and the crowd loves it and as fast as these boats come in to these stirups, it's unbelievable how fast they tie up and without hurting anything," says Pete Hanulak from the Wicomico Yacht Club.

The show dubbed a "water rodeo" draws a large crowd, with hundreds cheering on the boats as they zoom in hoping to clock in the fastest time.

One attendee Laura DeGeorge tells 47 ABC, "It's really the coolest thing. I didn't expect it, I had no idea I thought people were going to come and park their boats and there wouldn't be much to see but it's a lot of fun, great entertainment."

The Wicomico Yacht Club says that's what this event is all about. It's a chance to bring the community together and show people like Laura DeGeorge, who before today had no idea what boat docking was..

DeGeorge adds, "It's very cool to watch the boats zooming in like this."

"This just opens the eyes up to the people in the community and what the Wicomico Yacht Club is all about," explains Hanulak.

But the boat docking isn't just about the captains showing off their boating skills, but it also is a big event for the yacht club economically. It's something they really needed this year, after a December 2016 fire consumed their clubhouse.

That inferno caused almost $500,000 in damages, but Sunday's event helps them bring in money to rebuild. Organization leaders say all the contracts are in place and construction on the new building is slated to begin in the next few weeks. 

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