Can Hurricane Irma hit Delmarva?

Can Hurricane Irma hit Delmarva?

DELMARVA - Hurricane Irma building up steam as it heads west with Florida and the Caribbean in its path. It's not on the radar yet, but the storm is still a cause for concern for the Delmarva region.

Right now, it is a category 4 that is being forecast to gain even more power over the next few days, and on the heels of Hurricane Harvey, it's only natural for those in the area to wonder what can come next.According to the National Weather Service, the fear of the unknown is just another reason to get prepared. 

"As we all know, past storms, like Irene, like Isabelle, one of the biggest impacts, not only in the Mid-Atlantic region, but on Delmarva, was the power going out," says Bill Sammler of the National Weather Service. "Things like bottled water, non-perishable foods and batteries can help folks get through the first 3 or 4 days that the power might be out before stores start to reopen."

  If you would like more information specifically about Hurricane Irma and where it may potentially end up - you can head to the NWS website at

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