Bonus Week in Ocean City

Bonus Week in Ocean City

OCEAN CITY, Md. - Down in Ocean City, a bonus week of sorts in effect for the resort town with Maryland state public school districts now starting back up after Labor Day.

With this extra week at the end of summer, it means business, tourism and vacation for many that didn't have this last year.

"It's great having an extra week with the kids, we got to come down to Ocean City and I really appreciate it," says Karie Loreck, a mother of two in school.

Families around the area are not the only one liking this extra week of summer vacation. Businesses all around the region are benefiting from families, like the Loreck's, coming in for that extra week.

"Business usually drops about 1/3 typically in the season when all the kids go back to school. Today was a great day. We basically doubled our money by 2:00 which was really exciting, said Valerie Kramer of Baja Amusments.

"Instead of dropping down 10-15%, maybe it only dropped down 5%, that's how I would describe it," says Kevin Gibbs, GM of Dough Roller. "You still see a slowdown because everybody still has to get ready, but it's not as bad as people have seen in the past."

Not only are the businesses reaping the benefits, so are the workers. With high schoolers getting that extra week before heading back, they can put a little more cash in their pocket.

"We have students that work for us, teachers, and parents also have more time to go through the summer and help us out as a business and earn income for themselves," says Jason Cropper, Manager of Micky Fins.

Businesses say that they're thankful for their extra help, because they're able to keep up with the high demand that is brought on by the extended summer vacation.

Many businesses in Ocean City also say having those students working an extra week has helped their foreign workers take a vacation because they can easily fill those spots. 

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