Fruitland businesses and homeowners feeling the impacts of boil advisory

Fruitland businesses and homeowners...

FRUITLAND, Md. - A group of workers trying to install a street sign in Fruitland on Wednesday hit a water main, sending the city into recovery mode. 

Following the water main break, a boil water advisory was issued and now, local schools, businesses and homeowners say they're feeling the impact."

Tina Rosaschi, the Store Manager at Ark General Store in Fruitland said, "We couldn't wash dishes, we're not allowed to cook anything because in a restaurant business you have to be able to sanitize. You can't sanitize with bacterial water, if it is bacteria, and you don't know if it is or not until they tell us otherwise."

Countless businesses in Fruitland are being forced to close down due to the fact they can't sanitize or serve basic things like coffee to their customers.

Rosaschi added, "So if we were to serve food to any of our customers they could possibly get sick, and we don't want that."

Schools are being affected too. On Wednesday, all three Fruitland schools were without water.

They are now back up and running, but had to create special water stations for the students.

Tracy Sahler, the Public Information Officer for Wicomico Schools said, "We brought in drinking water, so there are drinking water stations in all three schools so that the students have safe drinking water until our drinking fountains are cleared to reopen."

Beyond the water stations, they are shipping in food to ensure student safety.

Sahler said, "Also we found that what worked best in this situation was to satellite in the food from other school kitchens so that these students could get their food. We are working with the health department to reopen these kitchens."

We reached out to the City of Fruitland about the main break, but were not able to receive a comment.

The town is now providing free water for residents to take home as a form of apology.

Pernell Seawright, a homeowner in Fruitland said, "Well it will help me and my family out because we do drink a lot of water, so instead of boiling it we can drink some of this until, you know, the water is better I guess."

Now all restaurants in Fruitland on Fruitland city water have been required to close until water testing is completed and results fall within state parameters.


Fruitland residents feeling the impacts of boil advisory

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