Bill taking away parental rights from rapists could push forward in Maryland

Bill taking away parental rights from...

MARYLAND - A new bill could make a difference in the life of a rape victims.

Two powerful men in Maryland's General Assembly are hoping to pass a law that would take away parental rights from rapists. 

Senate President Thomas Miller recently made a Facebook status saying he would co-sponsor the bill when General Assembly gets back together.

Speaker of the House Michael Busch also announced he would co-sponsor it. 

Despite numerous efforts in the past, this recent support can be big for victims who would like to be heard. 

47 ABC spoke to Life Crisis Center to find out more details on this bill. 

We are told Maryland is one of six states without any law terminating the parental rights for a rapist. 

Life Crisis Center's Executive Director, Abby Marsh, is hoping that this time around, members of the General Assembly can help rape victims.

Marsh tells 47 ABC, "From a co-parenting stand point it's almost absurd that here's a victim of a rape who has to constantly be meeting or transferring the child over. She could be forced to have to essentially meet her rapist in the parking lot of Walmart and transfer her child over to him because he still has rights to custody, rights to visitation."

Without this law, victims are dealing with much more than just co-parenting. Every time a victim of a rape has to go back into a setting facing her rapist, it can be traumatizing all over again.

But with the support of two big time leaders in the General Assembly, a law that has been non-existent could come to life. 

There are many states where you need to provide a rape conviction to terminate parental rights.

For progressive states, the victim can show clear and convincing evidence of assault to stop those rights. 

Maryland's General Assembly is set to reconvene in January.

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