Berlin electricians to help in Florida

Berlin electricians to help in Florida

BERLIN, Md. - Local efforts to help those affected by Hurricane Irma are well underway. 47 ABC learned that an electric crew from the town of Berlin is on its way to Florida to help families who are without power.

The group of three left early Wednesday after Berlin council members unanimously approved a mutual agreement with the electric association in Florida to provide any assistance they can.

"There's a real sense of pride in town hall and I think the community in general certainly within the electric department are very thrilled to be able to go and do this. It's very difficult work they have responded to other types of disasters so they're well trained and they're ready to go," says town administrator, Laura Allen.

The town of Berlin is expecting the crew to be down in Florida for over a week. We're told depending on the need they may even go further south.

The town is planning on following them throughout their trip and posting updates on their website and Facebook page.

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