Beach trippers beware MD-404 will be under construction all summer

Beach trippers beware MD-404 will be under construction all summer

DENTON, Md. - The peak of construction season is fast upon us and in Maryland the state highway administration has a tool to help you look out for them.

The SHA recently unveiled their E-Road Ready tool on their website. The application, which you can also access on your phone, shows you all the construction projects in Maryland. You can search by location to see projects near you and when you click on them it will tell you important project details such as the expected completion date and what the project is.

According to Bob Rager with the SHA, the biggest project on the Eastern Shore is the MD-404 project. A $160 million venture that will expand 404 into a dual highway.

"(There will be) a lot of work all summer probably a lot of delays unfortunately. This is a rare occasion usually in the summer we cease construction. We don't want to be out there clogging things up, but with the aggressive schedule for this we have got to work all summer to get it done," Rager said.

Normally the state halts construction projects that will interfere with beach traffic, but not in the case of 404. With a deadline set by Gov. Larry Hogan for Thanksgiving Rager said crews will have to work hard to meet the condensed timeframe.

The project spans nine miles from Denton to Rt. 50 and Rager said drivers should expect multiple "flagging operations" throughout the project. Rager explained the flagging operations are where one lane is stopped to allow the cars coming the other direction to pass.

Rager said the flagging operations will only be from midday monday to midday Friday, meaning it will not occur on weekends. Despite that he recommends beach travelers make their drive during the late evening hours or seek alternate routes.



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