Be the Difference Day held 25 projects across Somerset, Wicomico, and Worcester counties

Be the Difference Day held 25...

SALISBURY, Md. - Eastern Shore's first Be the Difference Day took place April 22, 2017 as it kicked off a community wide day of service throughout the tri-counties.

Brushes stroked the walls on the newest part of Halo's building in Salisbury.

This painting project is just one of many that is apart of a community wide volunteer effort called Be the Difference Day.

Be the Difference Day is collaboration of a bunch of different agencies all under United Way.

HALO's Marketing development administrator, Logan Schevel says more than 25 volunteer projects took place throughout Worcester, Wicomico and Somerset counties.

This one right here had volunteers touching up the walls with a splash of color.

"We have painting in our education wing and this is the new part of the building that we just got and it's a place where we have offices and classrooms for all our homeless individuals to come in and make their life change," Schevel tells 47 ABC.

Schevel says these projects were all in effort to get people out to volunteer. More than 200 volunteers were spread across the tri-counties. The painting project in Salisbury had 20, which was more than expected.

One of those volunteers from SU's Student United Way was Julia Francis, who says its great to help make a difference in the community.

"Be the Difference Day is just basically going out to community's helping out just being different, just give love and help to your fellow people and what not, I'm just happy to do this," Francis says.

Schevel tells 47 ABC it's exciting to see so many people come out and give back to their community, as every stroke is turning their heart into art. 

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