AGH offers support group to families who've lost someone to addiction

AGH offers support group to families...

BERLIN, Md. - The effects of the opioid epidemic are far reaching. From prevention to treatment options, everyone is looking for different ways to battle this crisis.

However one local  hospital in is looking to help those who re often forgotten about when talking about this issue.

Gail Mansell, the Director of Supportive Care Services at Atlantic General Hospital helps facilitate grief groups. After attending regular meetings of the Worcester County Warriorrs Against Opiate Addiction, she realized there was a dire need for emotional support  for those who've lost someone to this epidemic.

"We've had numerous people over the last couple of years come to us when they lose somebody," says Jackie Ball, the Vice President of Worcester County Warriors.

"At the end of those meetings,  I would come home with the same feeling of sadness and emptiness," says Mansell.

Those feelings pushed Mansell to spring into action and help organize a support group, where people can deal with the pain of losing a loved one to addiction. A pain her own family knows about all too well. 

"I have two brothers, one who ultimately did commit suicide because he could not overcome his addiction," says Mansell.

Through her grieving Mansell was able to learn how to cope and acknowledge  all those feelings, which is something she plans on bringing to the group.

"I want this to be a place  and opportunity for people to speak about the pain,  the anguish, the frustration, and anger. " says Mansell.

AGH will be hosting their first support group Saturday, December 16th at 10 AM inside their Conference Room. They hope to continue meeting the second Saturday of each month.

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