After loss, family looks to help others struggling with addiction

After loss, family looks to help...

OCEAN CITY, Md. - "We didn’t see it coming at all."

Justin Tippett was your everyday hero.

A husband, a father, someone who Shannon Tippett says had just an all around love for life. She described him as someone you would look at and never expect was struggling with addiction.

"He was an amazing man. He was a football coach, he was a baseball coach and a wrestling coach and just full of life and full of energy one day and then he was depressed and struggling with addiction the next," explains Shannon Tippett, Justin's sister-in-law.

Justin passed away last October from a fentanyl overdose, shocking friends and loved ones who didn't know he had a problem.

"I really want people to know its anybody, you know, he hurt his back that's where it started. He hurt his back and was prescribed pain pills and from there it turned into something nobody wants to talk about."

But there is no more silence coming from the Tippett family. They are speaking out and taking action with the help of Worcester County Warriors Against Opiate Addiction, raising money and awareness about addiction and addiction recovery.

"If one mom needs help, if one wife needs help or whatever then you know were here to give whatever help we can," Shannon continues, "We're trying to keep him living and you know honor Justin’s memory by not letting his death go under the rug."

And Thursday's fundraiser 'Crack A Crab For Rehab' is doing just that, keeping Justin's memory alive. It's getting someone struggling with addiction the help he never received, to safe a life.

"If one person goes because we raise enough money or even just a start and then the state helps, whatever the case, ma be then that's one more person that's not fighting alone," Shannon also saying, "There are people that want to help there are organizations not just Worcester County Warriors that want to help you."

To learn more about the Worcester County Warriors head to their website.


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