Acorn Market debuts their first annual holiday carriage rides

Acorn Market debuts their first...

SALISBURY, Md. - If you are a holiday movie lover, have visions of central park or love horses, we have some good news.

The Acorn Market introduced a new holiday carriage ride event to Downtown Salisbury this weekend, and the debut of the rides coincided with Third Friday festivities. 

The owner of R&B Ranch, Randy Davis, spoke with 47ABC on Friday. He is one of the carriage drivers working with Acorn Market to put on the annual event. Davis said carriage rides in Maryland are always very popular, so he wasn't surprised at how many people showed up for the event.

Tickets for the horse rides completely sold out, but you can still make it out to downtown Salisbury this weekend to see the rides taking place or to even just pet a horse.

The horse rides will be taking place from 5pm on Friday to 3pm on Sunday.

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