A trip through history at Pemberton Hall

A trip through history at Pemberton Hall

SALISBURY, Md. - Vintage baseball wasn't the only history celebrated Sunday in Salisbury. Folks also got a chance to see a real piece of American history, Pemberton Hall, which was built in 1741.

Most of the building remains in its original state, with bricks dating back to before the colonies declared their independence. It also has a rich Wicomico County background.

"We have the Parsons family here when Wicomico County was created so we got a little story board about the Parsons family and what they're doing and how they improved the wharf that was here and we have the 4th mayor here who was born in 1849, was born in Pemberton Hall," explains Chair for the Pemberton Hall Foundation, Pat Taylor. 

Free tours are offered every weekend and for more information their website.

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