A senior living community in Berlin uses art to help residents with dementia

A senior living community in Berlin...

BERLIN, Md. - A senior living center on the Eastern Shore is hoping a new program will help residents recall fond memories.

And their latest project is utilizing an area hot spot to help those dealing with dementia.

The 6 by 14-foot mural is more than just a colorful sight. Painting this wall at Gull Creek Senior Living Community is actually helping residents deal with dementia.

The best way to go down memory lane is to paint something close to their heart. Like, the Ocean City Boardwalk.

Cassandra Coulbourne, the Memory Care and Staff Coordinator says, "It helps them remember where they came from, it helps calm them down, they see the beach, they see the sand, they bring back memories when they used to lay on the beach with their family and have picnics and all that kind of stuff. It just keeps their cognitive going."

This painting process is a part of the living center's Valeo Create and Compose Program. Valeo is the latin word meaning to thrive.

The program is based on four components. It touches on the social, the intellectual, the physical and the spiritual.

With each stroke, residents are not only remembering moments of the past but they're also leaving their own legacy.

The center tells us they are also hoping to add two more murals in their assistant and independent living communities. 

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