Las Vegas shooting raises questions about gun control

Las Vegas shooting raises questions about gun control

47ABC - Gun control is one of the most controversial debates we have in this country, and after what happened in Las Vegas it is only likely to grow.

The recent question at hand is: do we need to increase regulations to decrease the amount of mass shootings?

47ABC spoke with local experts to learn more about the history of gun violence in our country.

Lorenzo M. Boyd, the Chair of the Crimonology Department at UMES, said, "Last year, in 2016, we've had more mass shootings in this country than we've had days in the year."

According to - In 2014, there were 51,881 shootings. By 2016, the number of shootings skyrocketed to 58,780 and so far in 2017, we've already had a staggering 46,595 shootings, and it's only October.

Tim Robinson, a member of Salisbury University's History Department, said, "Looking at all of these incidents, three of the worst incidents have occurred over the past several years. We had the horrible incident that happened today, then we had the Pulse Nightclub which, until today, was the worst one and then you had Sandy Hook."

So what is contributing to the rise of mass shootings in our country? Local experts are pointing the finger at gun control laws.

Boyd said, "In a lot of states people don't have to undergo serious background checks or even mental health evaluations."

Maryland has some of the most strict gun control laws in the country. You have to undergo background tests, complete a course, get a license and more, but not all states are this stern.

Boyd said, "So a lot of these southern and western states tend to have more relaxed gun laws so when we see types of shootings like this, it's going to happen in a lot of these states.">

Moving forward, local experts admit that there's not much else we can do.

Robinson said, "Looking back at all these incidents from a historical point of view, it tends to reason that these incidents are going to continue and there will be future incidents."

Boyd said, "At this point, regulating guns is kind of shutting the barn door after the horses have gone out because there are so many guns in society."

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