Hurricane Jose causing rip currents along the coast

Hurricane Jose causing rip currents...

OCEAN CITY, Md. - Hurricane Jose is bringing some interesting weather to Delmarva. Our beach towns are feeling it the most.

The Ocean City Beach Patrol is urging people to stay out of the water due to the presence of strong rip currents.

They are also taking additional precautions against Hurricane Jose by dragging their extra lifeguard chairs up the beach to keep them from blowing away or getting swept into the surf.

When 47ABC asked the Ocean City Beach patrol what they would suggest for people wanting to venture out into the water, their main advice was to keep your feet in the sand until a lifeguard is in the stand.

Ward Kovacs, the Ocean City Beach Patrol Lieutenant, said, “The most important thing that we ask is that you don’t swim when lifeguards are off duty. We’ll be out there from 10 o’clock to 5:30p.m. every day. Take the time to find the lifeguard and then talk with the lifeguard and gauge what they’re telling you about conditions with the activity that you’re intending to pursue and go from there.”

Even after Hurricane Jose passes by, we can still expect to see rip currents along our coasts for quite some time.

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