European field trip in store for Pocomoke High

European field trip in store for...

POCOMOKE, Md. - A couple of teachers at Pocomoke high are organizing an international field trip for a small group of students. 

The trip will take about 20 kids to Germany for a nine-day tour designed to show them the world outside of Worcester County. 

This trip is slated to take place in April of 2019 and will cost $3400. 

Teachers like Aimee Bergonia, say this trip is only for Advanced Placement English students as part of a global curriculum. 

"We've been looking at places due to all the different things that are going on in the world and we felt that Germany like number one. Its got such history, steeped with history and places that we really didn't consider before was Germany so we put it out there to the kids - we offered them a couple of choices and the vote ended up being Germany."

The total cost of the trip is expected to be about $68,000.

School officials say they are planning to set up a Gofundme page to raise money. 

Students were given a choice of where they wanted to go for the European excursion and Germany won out.

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