Delmarva Power donates 1800 smoke alarms

Delmarva Power donates 1800 smoke alarms

SALISBURY, Md. - Maryland State Fire officials are getting a gift from Delmarva Power.

The utility is donating 18-hundred smoke alarms in an effort to keep families safe. 

This is the 17th year Delmarva Power has gifted the safety items to the Fire Marshal.

State Fire Marshal, Brian Geraci, says the donation is right on time because federal guidelines governing smoke alarms are changing at the beginning of the year. 

"Anyone who has a battery-powered smoke alarm who currently has a 9 volt smoke alarm. They can have that smoke alarm up until the point its no longer necessary and smoke alarms only last 10 years. But they can't replace that battery with a 9 volt battery anymore. It has to be a 10 year sealed battery smoke alarm with a push-button feature."

The smoke alarms are slated to be distributed to fire departments all across the region.

Officials tell 47 ABC anyone who needs a smoke alarm can call their local fire department. 

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