Volunteers pack meals for local families at Mountaire's Thanksgiving at Christmas

Volunteers pack meals for local families at Mountaire's Than

SELBYVILLE, Del. - Volunteers from all over Delmarva standing side by side at Mountaire's makeshift assembly line for Thanksgiving at Christmas. 

Packing each box up to the brim with all the ingredients one would need to have a delicious meal. 

"There's a very nutritious chicken it's a roaster. There's green beans, there's sweet potatoes, there's corn, there's stuffing mix, there's enough to make a great meal," says Michael Tirrell, Exec. VP of Processing for Mountaire. 

And the best part is these meals aren't just going to anyone, they're going to those who need them most. 

"I've been doing this several years and it's just a blessing because we're able to provide through our church and Mountaire all of these boxes for a lot of our shut ins and people who just probably would not have a meal if it weren't for this effort," says volunteer Bill Jones. 

With just under 2,000 boxes filled, hundreds of families will be able to benefit from this event. 

"It's just a giving time and it's just great to be able to do this because we feel blessed for what we have so we're just giving back," explains Jones. 

Now these meals will be delivered to families all over Delmarva in the next couple of days just in time for Christmas. 

Mountaire plans to do another packing event just like this one during the Easter holiday next spring. 

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