Town continues to move forward with new business, sports complex

Georgetown continues to move forward...

GEORGETOWN, Del. - Georgetown continued its move to the future, making adjustments during it's weekly meeting to allow a new business to enter the fray.  Wednesday night, town council voted unanimously to allow an immigration attorney to move in and provide a service that is desperately needed.

The town is looking to attract new businesses, while keeping the look of a residential area.

"We're continuing on a weekly basis, on a daily basis, talking to developers, talking to architect people.  My main focus right now is single family homes.  I want single family homes, I want this town to generate more people living in the town," says Georgetown Mayor William West.

City officials continued to take a step forward, following their comprehensive plan.  One of the things you'll find on the plan, challenges council members to provide more and better services for their residents. 

And while they may not have originally included help for undocumented immigrants, the chance to let Immigration Attorney Ted Murphy set-up shop at a home along North Bedford Street at a time where ICE activity is ratcheting up was an opportunity they just couldn't miss.

"The residents (Ted Murphy) deals with, or the clients he deals with are from the Georgetown, are actually having to travel either to Philadelphia or to their office in Wilmington.  This provides a service here in town they can walk to or they can do it telephonically," explained town manager Gene Dvornick.

But the moves didn't end with Ted Murphy's new office.

Council also approved a memorandum of understanding for the new sports complex, which means the town will supply lawn maintenance, snow removal, trash services and more.

"My little niece played over in Milton at the soccer fields and to see that place just swarm with 2-300 people on a Saturday, I'll take that out here, because them little kids are going to want pizza or something to eat afterwards, and that has an impact on the town," said West.

City leaders say the moves at the complex and in town are all a part of the process.  A plan to improve the look and economics of the town that is the heartbeat of Sussex County.

During the meeting, over $9,000 was allocated by the town of Georgetown for local wells.

We are told the wells being repaired in Georgetown have been tested and show no signs of contamination, like what has been found in Blades.

The wells in question are by the Del Tech campus where the water coming from faucets was discolored.

The wells have since been shut down and cleaned, the next step will be to find what is causing the discoloration.

Mayor West says there was nothing in the water that would harm anyone, but they did not like the idea of discolored water in the town.

"I've talked to my town manager and he's assured me that we don't have any problem like that occurring here," said Mayor West.  "We've shut it down completely, so now we're using the one out on Ingram Town Rd., and we're going to start the Del tech one back up to supply water to the town."

We're told the town is ready to allocate more money to fixing the well problem if necessary.

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