Tips to be safe for go-kart drivers, after 14-year-old was killed in Milford accident

Tips to be safe for go-kart drivers, after 14-year-old was k

MILFORD, Del. - In Milford yesterday afternoon, a 14-year-old was struck and killed while riding his go-kart on Cedar Creek Road.

It's a tragedy after the holidays. 

Delaware State Police says, "Unfortunately the go-kart had traveled into the path of the vehicle that was driving south bound, which was a Camry and the Camry was unable to avoid the go-kart and struck the car."

There are a lot of questions but the most prominent is this, how could this have been avoided?

47 ABC made the trip to Inland Motorsports in Selbyville to see if the people who know go-karts best could provide some tips to protect our loved ones. 

Inland Motorsports President Mike Ballard says these ATV's or go-karts shouldn't be on the road.

When driving them, the most important thing is to use your noggin in order to protect it. 

"The main thing is a helmet, protect the head, secondly protect the chest and the rest of the body with the body guards," Ballard tells us. 

Also, make sure the vehicle is equipped for the road it's going over and that it's capable to drive well. You should check that there is enough air in the tires. Too much air or not enough air will cause you to lose control. 

But it's more than just being able to protect yourself. You have to know how to operate it. 

Inland Motorsports made it clear that future drivers shouldn't be afraid to drive go-karts, but knowing how to handle it is key and it could even save a life. 

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