Thousands gather in Georgetown to carol for a cause

Thousands gather in Georgetown to...

GEORGETOWN, Del. - Thousands of Sussex County residents geared up for Christmas Monday night by making it out to the 34th annual Caroling on the Circle Event.

The annual event does more than just get folks into the Christmas spirit, it also doubles as a food drive for local food banks.

Every year, the event features a 14-foot by 7-foot pod and the goal is to pack it full with food items is by the end of the night.

Todd Lawson, the Sussex County Administrator, said, "It's really a piece of, like a landmark for folks to see, they come and they drop this off we've got a lot of area schools that come they bring food items and they use the pod as a symbol. We try to fill that thing up as much as we can."

The annual food drive has been extremely successful in the past, and it seems this year is no exception. 

Lawson said, "Over 34 years, we've been able to raise over 700,000 items for the folks in the community. This year we're at 22,000 we're going to climbing we go until the end of the year."

The Sussex County community was more than willing to participate in this good cause.

Kristen Ables, a teacher at Sussex Central High School said, "We know that there's a lot of need in Georgetown and the local areas, so we actually brought our canned food drive from the high school and we dropped it off tonight and we ended up with 570 cans so we were able to donate to pack the pod so we were very excited."

Caroling on the Circle serves double duty. It helps out those local food banks and it provides families with free entertainment.

Ables said, "I know the local schools will be performing and so then afterwards, down at the fire hall there will probably be cookies and hot chocolate with Santa, so it will be a lot of fun."

Kids seemed to be the biggest fans of the annual event.

Jordan Adkins said his favorite part of the night was "when they started singing and when they started playing the instruments."

Olivia Marzullo, the Miss Georgetown, said, "It's great it gets the community together!"

If you're interested in contributing to this good cause, gather up any extra food items you have and make it out to the circle in Downtown Georgetown.

Sussex County will be accepting food donations up until the end of December.

You can drop off your food items at the County Administrative Offices building, at the County Administrative Offices West Complex and at the Delaware Coastal Airport terminal building on Rudder Lane.

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