The Brightside: Marc Destinoble Beebe Healthcare L.O.V.E. letter recipient

The Brightside: Beebe Love Letter...

LEWES, Del. - Loving what you do for your job is so important. Marc Destinoble loves what he does and it's not going unrecognized.Destinoble works in environmental services at Beebe Healthcare and is the latest L.OV.E. Letter recipient.

Beebe's Love letter program is a way for staff members to recognize each other every day for the way they embody their values.

Jeannie Briley-Wallo, director of patient experience says, "Marc always has a big smile on his face, everywhere you see Marc he's always smiling and always happy to help out not just in doing his job but with anything anyone needs he's just a very special team member."

Lisa McKneely works at Beebe and she's actually the one who nominated Marc.

She says, "If we all did as good of a job as Marc did we would be great employees all together."

With Marcs win comes a nice prize. He'll receive a Parking space in the parking garage for one month a $100 gift card donated by Fred and Lyndie Hertrich of Hertrich family cars, a Letter of congratulations and personal visit from members of the executive team as well as his photo added to the L.O.V.E. Letter wall plaque.

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