Tech company teams up with Sussex County libraries in order to stimulate STEM education

Tech company teams up with Sussex County

BRIDGEVILLE, Del. - In Sussex County, one tech company has teamed up with libraries in order to stimulate STEM education for our younger generation.

Little ones tested out the hands on 3-D printing system at the Bridgeville Library for the newest after school activity called Tech Talk Jr.

Jack Berberian, the CEO of SecureNetMD, a company that manages IT Services to Healthcare Providers, says they have teamed up with libraries throughout Sussex County.

Tech Talk Jr. aims to bring STEM education in order to motivate and inspire young ones towards STEM subjects.

The library's tech volunteer, Keith Lohmeyer, says this event specifically, lets these kids get their imagination flowing, by creating a custom name tag.

"This is one of the first samples that we usually do with new people that are new to 3-D printing, we get them started with something simple, with a key chain they can take home," Lohmeyer tells 47 ABC.

We are told exposing little ones to these subjects at an earlier age can also help them in the future.

Rob Nicholson is more than just SecureNet's director of security development. He also is the founder and coordinator of Tech Talk Jr.

Nicholson says, "When they do start to decide where they are going to school, where they are going to college, a lot of things that they learned and were exposed to early in life could hopefully give them some better ideas of what channels to explore."

This interactive workshop is not only geared toward kids, but also to parents. A big way to build a unique bond.

"I think it's healthy for the parents to see what are some areas that we can explore to stoke the ideas to participate in STEM as a whole and education and to become passionate about the same topics as our kids," Nicholson states.

Children from 5 to 12 can participate.

This program started just six months ago and now they are even thinking about creating a Tech Talk Sr. for the older crowd.

The company hopes to expand to other counties, such as Kent and New Castle.

The next Tech Talk Jr. workshop will take place in July. 

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