Sussex County Council adopts new drainage ordinance to combat flooding issues

GEORGETOWN, Del. - The Sussex County Council has adopted a drainage and grading ordinance that they say will help stem future flooding issues in the county.

According to county officials, the new ordinance eliminates old standards for construction and puts in more detailed requirements for constructing roads, sidewalks and runoff collection systems. Officials say it also creates new steps in the county's land use process to require more grading plans for developments and lots, ensuring that rainwater is properly collected and flows away from homes and streets.

"I think it's fair to say that everyone, not just residents, have the same goal here: to make sure flooding is minimized whenever possible in our communities," County Administrator Todd F. Lawson said.

County Council President Michael H. Vincent says solving flooding issues entirely is all but impossible in Sussex County due to the flat terrain, but that the new ordinance do more than previous regulations to help combat standing water.

"I believe developers and the residents living in the communities they design and build will appreciate everyone being on the same page," Council President Vincent said.

The full copy of the ordinance can be viewed here.

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