Sussex County City Councilman to Run for U.S. Senate

Sussex Co. City Councilman to Run for U.S. Senate

GEORGETOWN, DE. -   after weeks of speculation-- Sussex County councilman Rob Arlett announced today that he's running for the United States Senate as  Republican. Arlett made three stops across Delaware in Georgetown, Wilmington, and Dover announcing his decision. He says he's making this campaign the "people's campaign," and adds he's aiming to inject new commonsense ideas to help energize the first state's economy.Other initiatives he plans to focus on includes improving the job growth in Delaware as well.

"It's truly time in Delaware to put a focus back on the people of our great state and that's really why I'm running because I've been asked by so many people up and down our state to do this and I've listened I've heard them and today we're acting on that and truly this campaign is about the people of our state and that's where my passion is and that's where my heart is," said Arlett.


Now that he has made the announcement Arlett says he plans to begin campaigning across the state. 

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