Sussex Co. local raising funds for Puerto Rico after witnessing the disaster first hand

Sussex Co. local raising funds for...

SUSSEX COUNTY, Del. - Puerto Rico's long road to recovery took a step backward today because of a massive power outage. 

It's one that affects the capital of San Juan and it is once again drawing attention to the many problems that exist on the island in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

The storm hit 2 months ago, but time has done little to heal the wounds of those who need help. 

And that's where volunteers come in. A man from Sussex County who did volunteer and is still trying to find ways to help.

Scott Gordon is from Bethany beach. Through surfing and kite boarding, he's traveled the world and landed up in California. 

From there, him and his partner created a company called Kite for Water. It's basically a group of kite surfers that respond to disaster. 

Gordon left for Puerto Rico at the beginning of October and now he's back.

We are told one million are still without water. Half the country without electricity. 

Gordon says, "Everything is destroyed, people, houses are destroyed everywhere, most people have tarps on their roofs."

Gordon using a donated van to drive around house to house.

Some locations may not get their water back up and running for another year. 

Their goal is to create water filters for residents. One filter can aid 100 people. 

For $12, they can provide 290 gallons per day for a community. That's where all donations will go directly to. 

Even bottled waters are running out, but these filters can be long lasting. 

These filters have a life span of years. 

Kite 4 Water asking the community and large companies to donate money to help build these essential items. 

It's going to take anywhere from $50 to $90 billion to rebuild the island and so far there's only been $5 billion allocated. 

They are hoping to get large donations and corporate sponsors.

They're raising $1 million and that's to distribute 15,000 filters over a 3-month period.  

If you'd like to make a monetary donation or even offer supplies, you can contact them here

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