Sussex Co. Council votes to continue hearing public comment for Special Events Ordinance

Sussex County Council votes to...

SUSSEX COUNTY, Del. - A public hearing in Sussex County turned into four hours of testimonies.

It was a packed room yesterday for the latest meeting on the proposed Special Events Ordinance.

But those four hours weren't enough. City council voted 3-2 to leave public record open for another 30 days. 

This proposed ordinance would limit any property to three events per year. For the fourth event, you would need to do a conditional use permit, which is the same request for a major subdivision. 

47 ABC spoke to the owner of Hudson Fields, Christian Hudson, who says community members are confused on what defines an event.

For a venue like Hudson Fields, they offer concerts and even sporting events. We're told it would limit their ability to serve the community properly. 

We spoke to the President of the Sussex County Council, Michael Vincent, who says, "We decided we heard a lot of comments and would give the public a chance to digest those comments and make any additional written comments in the next 30 days."

After the 30 days, the council will review all comments submitted and then make a decision at a later date on when the vote will occur.

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