Senator Coons delivers speech opposing offshore drilling

Sen. Coons delivers speech opposing...

WASHINGTON, D.C. - After the Department of Interior decided to re-open leases for offshore oil and gas drilling along the East Coast, Senator Chris Coons (D) took to the US Senate Chamber floor to deliver a speech opposing offshore drilling.

On Friday, Senator Coons said that Delaware's 28 miles of coastline employs 10% of the total state work force and generates about $6.9 billion annually.

He also raised concerns about a potential oil spill off Delaware's coast and the devastation it could cause.

That's why he is calling on the President to reconsider.

Senator Coons said, "Mr. President, our coast lines are just too fragile and too vital and too important to let partisan politics get in the way of their future."

Senator Coons says he wants the voices of Delaware residents and workers to be heard.

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