Sen. McDowell introduces bill to ban conversion therapy

Sen. McDowell introduces bill to ban...

DOVER, Del. - State Senator Harris McDowell, surrounded by Representative Deb Heffernan, members of equal rights organizations, and other lawmakers and stakeholders, announced legislation that would ban 'conversion therapy.'

The treatment is used to try to convert a persons sexuality or gender identification through behavior modification, sex therapy and psycho-analysis.

Seven states have already banned the practice - California, Illinois, Oregon, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York and Vermont - along with Washington D.C. and numerous cities across the country.

According to Lisa Goodman with Equality Delaware, the bill prevents conversion therapy from being conducted in the state, and prevents Delaware psychiatrists from referring Delaware minors out of state for such a treatment.

"Delaware has a great recent track record on legislation to protect our LGBT Delawareans, and we believe this piece of legislation is a part of that narrative and we look forward to it passing."

Goodman went on to say the "treatment" has been thoroughly discredited and is a critical step to protect LGBTQ youth.

"Senator McDowell made it very clear that he along with the American medical association, the American psychological association, and really every reputable medical association considers this treatment to be akin to child abuse," said Goodman.

Democratic Lawmakers in Washington reintroduced a similar bill to outlaw the practice nationwide Tuesday.

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