Sen. Coons discusses Dream Act, North Korea

Sen. Coons discusses Dream Act, North...

DOVER, Del. - President Trump and Congress continue to discuss and negotiate a solution for 800,000 undocumented immigrants known as dreamers.

Senator Coons talked to 47abc about the progress made on Capital Hill, following President Trump's recent dinner invitation to leading Democrats to discuss legislation.

"Given the positive conversation between President Trump and Senator Schumer and Leader Pelosi, I'm optimistic that there is some chance this will move forward."

Bipartisan discussions seem to be a recent trend in Washington.  This week, Coons says, there has been open dialogue on healthcare reform, saying it could be the foundation for discussion on tax and immigration form.

Previous congresses have tried and failed to pass immigration reforms, including a comprehensive bill that included tens of billions of dollars into strengthening border security.

"That bill passed the Senate by a strong bipartisan majority, but was never taken up in the House.  So I think there will be strong bipartisan support in the Senate."

Coons lists hiring more ICE agents, deploying more drones and sensing equipment as ways to strengthen the border.  He says the ideas are already there, the only step left to take is for Congress to turn those ideas into legislation.

"We don't need new ideas, I think we need to take up and pass components of what has already passed in previous congresses."

Delaware is a state home to about 1,000 DACA recipients, and Coons says he will continue to fight to pass the DREAM act.

"I will continue to fight to make it possible for those who were brought here by their parents through no fault of their own, who are playing by the rules, paying taxes, in some cases serving in our military, to have a chance to stay here."

Delaware's junior senator also commented on the country's, and specifically the President's handling of the situation with North Korea.

Coons says the best path forward is to avoid confrontation with the rogue regime, saying tens, or even hundreds of thousands of South Koreans and Americans serving could be killed within hours of beginning hostilities.

He adds this is an environment that requires all hands on deck for diplomacy.  But Coons says the key to the situation may lie with North Korea's closest ally.

"I think our best move right now is to continue to put pressure on China.  North Korea relies almost exclusively on china for all of its vital access to world markets...  China has to be made more responsible and accountable for controlling Kim Jong-un and his dangerous nuclear program in North Korea."

In a briefing just last week, Coons tells 47abc the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of State shared with the entire Senate their plan to continue to put diplomacy first with military preparations coming second.

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