Rehoboth Beach under swimming advisory

Rehoboth Beach under swimming advisory

REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. - Officials have put out a swimming advisory extending until tomorrow at 3p.m. in Rehoboth Beach because of high bacteria levels. 

A routine water test done by the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control-- revealed fecal bacteria in the water that was above the threshold at Rehoboth Avenue. They say that swimming is still allowed, but to limit your time in the ocean.

Officials say this is a rare occurrence for coastal beaches and the bacteria originates from the stomachs of warm blooded animals. 

"Along the coastline there's many seagulls, this time of year. We have noticed many dolphins coming closer to shore feeding on the fish migrating through Delaware in late August-Early September," says Michael Bott, a DNREC Environmental Scientist. "These are all warm blooded animals. They could, and often do increase that fecal indicator bacteria."

DNREC says that they must wait 24 hours for an incubation period to determine what they need to do next and if they need to extend the swimming advisory.

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