Rehoboth Beach resident creates social media app to connect locals

Rehoboth Beach resident creates...

REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. - One resident in Rehoboth Beach is hoping to promote a new social media app that aims to highlight all the social things the beach town has to offer. 

It's called Rehoboth Social and the inventor, Tom Archino, hopes it will help small businesses in the process. 

While you're on the app you can see where people are eating out or what activities are currently going on.

After they place reviews, the next person can check it out. 

The creator says he doesn't want to recreate Facebook, he just wants to provide a way to connect everyone in the area.  

Archino says he wants to put local back into social. He's pushing for everyone in the area to download the app because the more feedback they get, the more they'll be able to improve the apps features. 

Rehoboth Social is free and you can download it on the iTunes app store. 

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