Perdue workers come together to celebrate diversity

Perdue workers come together to...

GEORGETOWN, Del. - America is known for welcoming people of all cultures and backgrounds. It makes the country somewhat of a melting pot. In Georgetown, Perdue decided to honor that on Friday. They held a new diversity event, the first of its kind at that location.

The workers at Perdue’s Georgetown location come from all over the world.

Yelitza Rivera, a Perdue Associate, said, “It’s very diverse. We have from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Honduras, Cuba, I mean it’s countless.”

Elina Aristil, a Perdue Worker from Haiti, said, “We just want to tell people, you know, we all may be from different backgrounds, different cultures, but we’re all one so that’s what today was for me, that’s what I take from today.”

Aleeisha Webster, the Diversity Day Coordinator, said, “They feel great, you know? This is a time for them, when they come out and they’re like okay, this is awesome. Now we also know what goes on, it’s not just okay, we’re just working. They also care about where we’re from and then to help us to put this event on once a year.”

People from all different cultures and backgrounds came together on a dance floor at the event to represent the countries they come from.

Aristil said, “It feels good, you know? Music like, a lot of people, music is like you don’t need a language to speak music. Everybody is like dancing everybody just, you follow the rhythm so it felt so good, it felt so good.”

Although the event celebrated where everyone is from, Diversity Day became something more than that for a certain group of people in need of celebration. That group of people were workers who used to call Puerto Rico home.

Shaina Hearn, a Perdue worker from Puerto Rico, said, “It meant a lot with the tragedies in Puerto Rico, it really meant a lot and meant a lot more to have the other countries come in with us together.”

Puerto Rico was recently devastated by Hurricanes Maria and Irma. A moment of silence was held at the event to honor those who lost their lives, and support those affected by the storms.

Hearn said, “Well, other groups thought about quitting because of the tragedies but I figured, celebrate! Because even though we haven’t heard from our families, we know they’re going to be okay. So we chose to celebrate instead of being sad.”

In addition to celebrating diversity on Friday, Perdue celebrated a new safety milestone.

Perdue has had two million consecutive safe production hours without any injuries, which is something Perdue hopes to continue in the future.

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