Partners For Paws launches mobile pet food pantry

Partners For Paws launches mobile pet...

SUSSEX COUNTY, Del. - In Sussex county, one rescue shelter is taking some of their services to the streets.

Partners for Paws officially launched their mobile pet food pantry Sunday. It goes across Sussex County to reach families who need pet food.

The goal is to help people throughout the county who don't have the financial means to keep their pets by providing accessible free food, which allows families to not give up their dogs and cats.

"There are a lot of people in Sussex County that need help with their pets and if the only thing standing between them and having to relinquish their pets to a shelter or keep them in their home is a bag of food, then Partner for Paws wants to give them that bag of food to keep that pet in their home," explains Kate Hungerford, director for Partner For Paws.

To learn about the various locations the mobile pet pantry will stop at or if you want to donate food, head to their website.

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