Parade opens holiday cheer in Milton

Parade opens holiday cheer in Milton

MILTON, Del. - Normally a quiet small town in the heart of Sussex County, Milton was alive Wednesday with holiday cheer at their annual Christmas parade, put on by the Fire Department.

"This is to me it brings out the Christmas spirit," said Police Chief Robert Longo.

"It means a lot, it means Christmas spirit, it means community coming out together, it's a fun time for the kids, for the families to come, and everybody always leaves happy," said Hannah Petterson, attending her eighth parade.

Young and old, locals and even a few visitors flock to Union and Atlantic Avenue, creating a unique community connection.

"Always safe, always fun, never any incidents and everyone's always laughing and singing with each other and enjoying it," said Petterson.

"We're bringing people together, not just the town of Milton, but the surrounding communities come out here for this, so Milton is the place to be," said Longo.

This event is rarely matched in the streets of the small town during the offseason.

"This one, and then the March parade for St. Patrick's Day, these are our two winter events that we have that people come out and support it, and we love it, and we get to see our friends and our neighbors," said Petterson.

Milton keeps the holiday cheer rolling this weekend with its 28th Annual Holly Festival, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, December 9th.

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