Operation Warm provides coats to hundreds of Delaware students

Operation Warm provides coats to...

MILLSBORO, Del. - Temperatures are dropping, and that means people all across Delmarva are beginning to struggle to stay warm. That's why many non-profit organizations, like Operation Warm, are holding coat drives.

Operation Warm teamed up with M&T Bank Friday morning to give away more than 300 jackets to students at East Millsboro Elementary School. 

In Delaware, 1 in 5 kids lives in poverty, meaning their family can't afford much beyond the necessities.

Friday's volunteers said they understand that coats are a luxury that not all families can afford.

Sarah Davis, a counselor at East Millsboro Elementary School said, "Shelling out fifty bucks for a coat and hats and gloves, it kind of takes away from some other needs, so if we can provide and the family can kind of put money towards something else, then it is all worth it."

At Friday's coat drive, kids were able to stroll through aisles, find their size, and pick their favorite coat from the batch.

Melvin Crouz, a fourth grader at East Millsboro Elementary School said, "I was excited! They asked me about what color I wanted and there were also different colors, so I couldn't decide which color I wanted, but it was nice!"

Davis added, "It was great because we had a few days of colder weather, so we were able to kind of sit at cafeteria time and in the morning during breakfast and see who did have a coat, who didn't, whose coat looked too small, what coat didn't look small, so it's kind of all off from teacher recommendation."

School officials told 47ABC that on cold days, they have also seen countless kids playing on the school playground without a warm jacket on. That's another reason why they said this coat drive was so important.

Heather Connolly, the Director of Development and Programs for Operation Warm said, "Kids can't go outside and play. A lot of them come to school with hoodies on and when it's really cold, they can't let the kids go out, so with these coats, it will allow them to go outside."

The giveaway did more than just provide kids with coats.

Connolly said, "One of the other things that's so neat is that it also gives the children an experience with people in the community that shows that people care about them."

Crouz said, "I like how people came in here to like help and it was nice of them to come."

Friday's volunteers said they feel glad to be making a difference in their community.

If you are interested in learning more about Operation Warm you can visit their website:

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