Officials remind the public that fireworks are illegal in Delaware

DELAWARE - The Delaware Office of the State Fire Marshal is reminding all citizens and visitors of Delaware that fireworks, sparklers and sky lanterns are illegal to have, use, or sell in the state.

Officials say fireworks can lead to serious injuries or death. Temperatures for a burning sparkler can surpass 1200 degrees Fahrenheit Projectiles from exploded fireworks can cause eye injuries, burns and finger amputations.

An estimated 11,900 people were reportedly treated in hospitals around the country in 2015 for injuries related to the use of fireworks. The highest number of injuries (8,000) happened around the Fourth of July holiday.

Officials say fires can start easily by exploding fireworks causing property damage especially in the dry summer months. During the evening hours, officials say, it is very hard to see a fire starting during the blaze's early stage.

Fires may start from discharged fireworks after the first explosion. Burning fireworks can land in the dry grass or on the roof of a house without anyone finding the danger. Fires on a roof could reportedly burn for a long time before breaking out in flames seen from the ground.

Officials are asking people to leave fireworks in the hands of professionals by going to a professional fireworks show instead of creating your own show. The public displays are held by licensed professionals and the firework sites are inspected and receive approval before these events.

Penalties for the use of fireworks or for having fireworks are misdemeanors could result in a fine. Damage or injuries caused by the use of fireworks can result in felony charges.

For more information, people are urged to contact their local fire company or fire marshal's office.

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