Officials: One dead, seven injured in Lincoln fire; investigation ongoing

Officials: One dead, seven injured in...

LINCOLN, Del. - A fire remains under investigation, after officials say one person died and several others were injured in a house fire, in Lincoln.

On Thursday, just before 10:00 AM, The Ellendale Volunteer Fire Company was assisted by the Milton Fire Department, Slaughter Beach Fire Department, and Carlisle Fire Department is responding to the 9200 block of East Mayhew Drive, for a house fire.

Tyna Daniels, a neighbor, says the scene was, "very devastating," and, "surreal."

Neighbors say they heard a loud noise shortly before 10:00 AM.  Before long, the home at 9233 Mayhew Drive was overcome by flames.

"When I went to the backdoor I seen flames blazing out the top of the house, the back deck was on fire," says neighbor Linda Pastrana.  "The whole house was already burning when I looked out there."

Daniels was backing out of her driveway when she first saw the fire, and a victim running toward her.  She says she saw four adults with two children leaving the home.

"Then they heard their mom just screaming, that's what I will never get out of my head, just hearing her scream her baby, her two year old was still in the house."

Officials could not confirm the severity of the injuries, and they wouldn't reveal details about the individual who had passed.

While they investigate, the Ellendale Fire Department is using this tragedy as a reminder of the dangers that exist this time of year.

"There have been a lot of house fires lately and just everybody think safe and be safe," says Fire Chief Andy Jones. 

Officials report that the fire caused $250,000 in damages.

This incident remains under investigation.

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