Officials looking for alleged escaped offender in Georgetown

GEORGETOWN, Del. - The Delaware Department of Correction says that an offender has absconded from the Sussex Community Corrections Center in Georgetown after she did not come back from an approved home pass on Sunday.

The whereabouts of 35-year-old Cynthia Sullivan of Seaford, are unknown and unauthorized at this time. Sullivan is 5'4", 146 lbs and she has blue eyes and brown hair. Sullivan also reportedly has a tattoo on her right foot, left and right arms and left breast. Her current offense is drug dealing.

A warrant for escape after conviction has been issued.

Community Corrections Centers are level four facilities where the Department of Correction manages offenders who are transitioning back into the community.

The centers are not secured like level five prisons, as offenders are allowed to leave the facility to go to work, look for jobs, or go to approved treatment sessions.

Anyone with information on this offender is asked to call 800-542-9524 or their local police department.

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